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Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Year- Amazing Giveaway


Well folks, it's 2010, and I would like to start off by saying thanks to all my family, friends, and clients for such an amazing 2009! You have all been so great and to show my appreciation, I am having an amazing giveaway. The prize to win is a free portrait session with me! Its really easy to enter and not to mention it would make a great gift for a friend or relative. ( Valentines Day is coming up you know! ) And here is the best part...this giveaway is for anyone living in the Lethbridge to Edmonton area and anywhere in between. Here's how to enter.

1) For one entry : become a follower of my blog (please let me know by making a comment
that you are a follower so i can keep track of entries.)
2) For another entry : comment on this post
3) For two entries : Post a link about me on your facebook
4) And for a whopping 5 entries : Link your blog to my blog.

Be sure to let me know how many times you have entered by leaving a separate comment for each individual entry on this blog post
. The winner will be announced February 1st 2010! Good luck and remember that even if you don't have a blog you can still enter by commenting. Remember to leave your email so I can contact you when you win!


Mostly Sara said...

Im not fluent in the blogging world, but I hope that checking your blog all the time qualifies as a follower of your blog. :)

Follower of blog[check]
Comment [check]
Facebook Link [check]

I love your photography style, and I think you take awesome photos. I love the tale of Paige and Boonie, that's a fun one!

AKutarna said...

i posted it on my fb status


AKutarna said...

i linked your blog to mine


AKutarna said...

i want to win!!!!


Anonymous said...

OoOo Can I play too!?! Maybe I will get pregnant... win.. and then you can take some SWEET pictures of my big fat babyness!
And I posted this on FB.
Laura Beth

Anonymous said...

my email is lil_bohemian_2002@hotmail.com
Laura Beth

Stephy said...

You are pretty talented!! My email is mattandstephh@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...


This is my official comment! I love your work and would love to be part of a photo shoot :)

Julie Goldthorp

Viktoria Sulz said...

I'm excited! :)


Leah said...

ohh I'm already a follower missy and if only you could of seen my excitement when i saw TWO new posts from ya! And then this post? I was breathing through a paper bag for say 2 minutes prob? haha so this is my post comment and I blogged about this giveaway cause i love you and everything about this giveaway and cuz I don't have facebook! It almost makes me want to go back to facebook thought... almost :o)

City Meets Country said...

I ain't much of a blog user, but I love to look at your site and see the beautiful pictures you have posted recently. You know how much I love your work and I choose you over any other photographer.(and I know many)
Choose me and you won't be disappointed. I hope to win!!!!
P.s (Alex doesn't count lol)

Anonymous said...

PICK ME!!!!! OOO OO O ME ME ME ME ME ME . I'll do your chores!! OOOO

just down the hallway.

City Meets Country said...

oh... its Felisha lol

Anonymous said...

I became a follower of your blog.

I linked you on my facebook.

I'm commenting on this post.

I added you as a link on my blog.

My email is kairenette@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

So in other words.. I did it all!

Ariana said...

what about UTAH? no? haha...just wanted to send my bloglove. you are an awesome photographer. One of the best I know! whoever wins is lucky...almost too lucky to have a shoot done by you.

Sabrina said...

I am a follower. Ha! That sounds funny. And I am commenting. And I will put it in facebook. Unfortunately, I do not have a blog of my own.

City Meets Country said...

I don't mean to be blowing up your spot, but I keep forgeting things...
I am a follower
I have commented numerous times lol
I have posted on facebook a couple times
and I figured out how to link you to my boring blog
all is done.. don't fail me now!!
felishaboehme@gmail.com Holler!

Nicole said...

I am a follower,
LInked to my facebook,
and emailed some of my friends.

Fingers crossed...your work is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

There is no bigger groupie than me. PERIOD. I have been a faithful follower of your work for years and years and years. RASPBERRIES!

Arianne Leishman said...

well anonymous please let me know who you are so that i can count you in on the contest. Please leave me your e-mail

Carley said...

You take great pictures!! Alex told me about your website and I am now a follower of your blog. I wish I had a blog to post this on. My email is carley_flexhaug@hotmail.com

Carley said...

I also linked you to my facebook! I hope I win!!! I would love you to take pics of my baby, my hubby and me! We need some pictures together.

ToM said...

You have good pics! tstrother07@gmail.com and i get all the entries

Anonymous said...

Joe Kutarna, I've seen your stuff before you know every once in awhile a real photographer come along and you just got to say to yourself, "hey thats a good photo taker. I like it and stuff and such and things and like" I also like pie.

Cole & Donna said...

OOooooo! PICK ME ARIANNE!!! please plese pretty please!!! :)
4) im not sure! HAHA. i think i linked it! I HOPE!


Aurora needs updated photos :)

ciana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ciana said...

Hello! your photography is the amazing, you should pick me for your portrait sesh :)

Jace Hernandez said...

its on my status and on my tumblr! :D

Holly said...

ok posting here and then going to go figure out how to link your blog to mine.

Jace Hernandez said...

and www.tenorpower.tumblr.com
love your work, and I realllly need headshots for applications in the music industry :D

lauralquinton said...

ohhh. pick me. And to do the link your blog to my blog can you get a button so it's cute? Just an idea. Love your work!!

Kaelaa June said...

Oh Arianne!! You are such a wonderful person! Inside, Outside, sideways, horizonatlly, vertically, spiritually. I love you!

Holly said...

I am now a follower

Holly said...

I added a link on facebook.

Holly said...

ok your blog is linked from mine!

Mandi Kay said...


Mandi Kay said...

Your website is link is on my facebook page below my profile pic!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. Unique and original! Thank you so much for sharing. Will link on my Facebook but can't say I know how to follow on anything other than Facebook so will try to find that option there.



donna said...

This is Donna again!! ME ME!! I WANNA WIN!!!! haha.
By the way is that wedding photo and the entrance of Amanda?

Anonymous said...

Hi Arriane!
1 - I became a follower, officially, since I look at your pictures anyways
2 - commenting now: your pictures are amazing!
3 - posted link on my facebook profile and invited friends to join your facebook group
4 - unfortunately I do not blog or else I would

Lisa Choy

IvenKaye Photographics said...

Alex and I are following you! We want to get our pretty faces photographed. Hurrah! (plus this is a comment, AWESOME WORK!!!!) we deserve three entries i think!;)

Unfortunately i cant link you to our pages, cause then we might lose work (which is a compliment, so we deserve another entry! ) HAHA.

Miss you missy!

Lita said...

i did it all. :)

Brea & Trev said...

So I have added you to my follow list (which is good because now I can check out your blog much easier and I LOVE looking at photo's!)
Now I am commenting on your post! And next I am onto putting you up on my facebook!
This is a great contest!

Brea & Trev said...

I have done it ALL!!!! I have linked you to my blog (well I think I did, I am really not computer savvy, but I added you as blogs I like to visit) and I put a post for your site and contest on my facebook page! It's all done!

Seth said...

Followed! I hope i win! That means you get a trip to California!!! w00t!

Anonymous said...

I am now following you! Which I am very excited about!! I love you work, and I would love to win!! :D I am also posting a link on facebook! :D So that means... 3 for me! :D YAY!! :D
Sarah Gilchrist

Seth said...

1) Follower of my blog - Done!
2) Comment on this post - Done and Done!
3) Post a link about me on your facebook - Done, Done, and Done!

Anonymous said...

Check to all of them except linking the blogs cause i dont have a blog. As you know we are having a baby soon and would love to win the contest and get some great pictures of him!!
Tate Boehme

Anonymous said...

Commented! as Colton!

Saralynn said...

woooweee! im a so in for this. im coming to visit soon and i want a photo shoot. see if u can make me pretty!!!and yes im a follower and i comment and i facebook this! Saralnn

Anonymous said...

I love your stuff! I still want to have you do some mock wedding pictures for me and nick...lol.

I posted a link on my facebook too!!

Sarah Woodruff Holoboff

Alyssa Neigel said...

I finally found out how to write a message!!!! YAY for me! I would love a photo shoot by you hunni! Please enter my name into your draw! I'd even come to calgary for it! And good luck with your business! xoxo


Natalie said...

Hey you. This looks great and your photos look amazing. I hope you enter my name into your draw. THanks. Natalie


bclogan said...

i follow'd and i post'd! :D


Angela Basi said...

Dear Arianne - I am commentins because I love you and your photos. The end.

Love Angela Basi

Angela Basi said...

and I posted your link on my facebook!!!!

Tim Wright said...

You're a Stallion!!! Tim Wright timotheus_is_wright@hotmail.com

Tim Wright said...

I also linked it to my facebook!!!
-Tim Wright

Andrew Wright said...

Andrew Wright drus_always_wright@hotmail.com

Elise Wilde said...

I hope I win!!! elisey_02@hotmail.com

rainbowbrite1327 said...

Hey Arianne!
I am not a follower, and I linked your blog to my facebook!

Meagan M said...

Alright - here's my comment

And I became a follower!

My real comment? You're so super talented!! I love your work and I'm hoping one day I get to look as good as you make all your models look!

Burns Harris said...

I linked it to Facebook as well as commented heeere, much love

Anonymous said...

I am a blog follower - check!
and now I am commenting - double check!

love your work,

Megan McCrady

Anonymous said...

Wow... so much technology that I don't understand. I think I am doing this right though. I posted your blog in my facebook and I am clearly a follower of your blof since I am here right now, and I think you are wonderful and incredibly talented and beautiful... So basically, pick me! Haha.

Cathlyn Smith

Anonymous said...

is there going to be any more contests?
__ christina